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Independants practitioners and specialized coachs in Tantric massage using Maya Kay'z method.


Carla   is available on London.

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       Tantric Massages
  Maya Kay’z method

Through the massage and its stimulation of the whole body, these techniques will give you the way to unlock emotional conflicts and to evacuate all your tensions.

It is a well proven method to help reconnect the entire nervous system, to recover your body sensations.

This profond relaxation will also help you developp your inner potential.

It provides you with sensory, psychic and physical rediscoveries as well as with a complete harmonization of the body and the spirit by means of this incredible technique.


       Art  of   Maya Kayz

Spiritual workshops

         and Tantra


Coaching by Maya Kay’z


I provide you with a place to try and free yourselves from the daily prisons we build each day and to rediscover the very essence of the rituals and the magic of the pur spirit which lies in you. A pur moment of meditation, free speach, water immersion, and studies about the inner and outter worlds.

Develop your spiritual being. Let’s try and heal our speach and body. Let’s get back to Nature while respecting each one’s nature. Let’s live each moment as a blessing.


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Elle permet aux membres et adhérents d'accéder en priorité aux ateliers et activités culturelles et de bien-être organisés à divers moments de l’année par les coachs et les thérapeutes alternatifs.



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