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Maya Kay’z Tantric Massages


Through the massage and its stimulation of the whole body, these techniques will give you the way to unlock emotional conflicts and to evacuate all your tensions.

It is a well proven method to help reconnect the entire nervous system, to recover your body sensations.

This profond relaxation will also help you developp your inner potential.



You can mix 2 or 3 techniques :


* Body-supra (body to body)

Sports or soft


* Caresse-biodynamique (sensory)


* Tabu-fruit (erogenous zones)


* Tickling yoga laughter and

caress - biodynamique


* Massage with feet

Sports tonic foot/ Ashiatsu


All the persons who experienced this method felt an obvious improvement in the following cases :

Anorgasmy, frigidity, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, urinary incontinence, impotence and also prostatite.

Moreover, it's a good remedy for anxiety, insecurity, depression or low self-respect. We offer you a personalized support because we know that every human being (soul and body) is unique. Maya Kay'z's method will take the time to guide you through each step.

Since the human being is the main focus of our care she’ll also provide with a specific assistance those who need a sexual reeducation :

For those who lived a repressive sexual education and/or sexual violences being a child, or an adult.


For more information about the massages

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