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Maya Kay'z


I am a 30-year-old Tantra coach, personal trainer and professional dancer who was born in a festive subcontinent, where people are true and spiritual, Brazil.


Practitioner of the well-being, trained in massage theraphies and aspecially in Tantra therapies from Brazil, Thailand and in India.

Both studying and fervent practicioner of Biodynamic psychotherapy technics in France, I am also a personal trainer of mind and body.

Self-taught follower of the meditation, hatha, astanga and kundaline yoga.


My body being often subjected to the benefits and well-being resulting, I began to make massages to my closest friends since childhood !

I chosed the path of love. And since then live my life spontaneously in a very autonomous way without caring about the judgment of others.

I have a free life and I really enjoy the freedom I gained from setting my own rhythm.


I am extremely curious and I always know how to adapt and to face new and unexpected situations.

I early began to live several beautiful and open-minding experiences beyond the material life.

TANTRA is now part of my life and I deeply love what I am doing.

I am very focused both on the mind and the body, I love to practice massage and I feel an infinite pleasure. Thanks to that I work on my sweetness, on my love for others, on respect and generosity.

I improve my personal skills everyday through my massages and they reflect who I am.

The years spent praticing and the patience to read each body with my hands prevail over practitioner's diplomas which I was able to acquire.

Travels gave me experience, I was able to improve technics thanks to other therapists and masters that i met and today I continue growing wiser. I shall be delighted to share my passion with you because the world needs love, because the world needs therapies, because we need each one from another.

Addicted to several sports I practised diverse activities such as capoeira, boxing, basketball, dance, scuba diving, fitness, surf and kitesurf.

I like exteme sports such as rafting, sky diving and climbing.

My main interests are human being, spiritual life, ecology and art.

Optimistic and very spontaneous, It is easy for me to make people feel comfortable

Behind this image of an ordinary woman who lives a  light peaceful life, I learned a lot and I am fully aware of the world’s present.


Always seeking for new spiritual pleasure, for those who already lived that.

I possess a rich empathic personality and a profound open-mindedness. Reserved, I also have a very asserted side which encourages me to devour all the beautiful things of life.





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